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Grease Guzzler Key Benefits


Grease Guzzler is a forward-thinking grease management system using patented bio-technology to ensure efficient and effective drain cleansing without the use of a standard grease trap.


Unlike conventional grease traps, the Grease Guzzler is always fitted onto a wall, which ensures it does not compromise essential space in the kitchen. There is also no need to store space-consuming drums, Grease Guzzler is truly compact and condensed. 

Removes FOG

Grease Guzzler can replace the common grease trap by not separating the fats, oils and grease (FOG) but instead digesting it using naturally occurring micro-organisms. These bacteria use pre-activation incubation technology and ensure there is no build-up of grease. 

The Grease Guzzler can also be used in conjunction with an existing grease trap or interceptor to reduce the emptying frequency.


Due to the fact that Grease Guzzler digests FOG, there is no daily maintenance needed as there would be with some grease traps. This “fit and forget” self-contained system increases efficiency; and ensures that staff are not distracted from essential customer service.

No Foul Odours

Grease Guzzler insures that there is no rancid grease stagnant in or around your sink area. This ensures that there are no foul smells remaining that make the kitchen an unpleasant place to work in. It also helps to prevent drain blockage and pump station failure caused through the build up of FOG deposits.

Cost effective

Depending on your facility’s requirements, Grease Guzzler could provide the most cost effective solution for your grease management needs.


Grease Guzzler meets Building Regulations 2002 (part H) specifications on managing waste FOG from commercial kitchens serving hot food.

It has also been approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

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