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What Is S65 Fluid and How Does It Work?

S65 is a culmination of six years of research and development into bacteria pre-activation and biological grease management. It has been specially formulated to combat the different types of FOG (fats, oils and grease) found in commercial kitchens. S65 comprises of 58 different types of bacteria that produce a naturally occurring cocktail of enzymes and micro-organisms, rigorously screened to eliminate pathogens.

S65 works to eliminate grease by using two degradation processes that work simultaneously.

Primarily, enzymes break the grease into smaller, simpler food particles, which are edible to micro-organisms. These micro-organisms then digest and degrade the grease to a further extent. This digestion process increases the micro-organisms, which then reproduce rapidly by splitting. This simultaneously releases more enzymes to perpetuate the process until all the grease is broken down.

Once the grease has been broken down by the S65 fluid it exists in the form of fatty acids and glycerol. These are water soluble products that form an emulsion which is harmless to the drain and an irreversible transformation. As these products continue their way through the drain line, degradation continues until the grease is broken down into carbon dioxide and water.

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