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Where Can I Install Grease Guzzler?

With no need for versatility, the Grease Guzzler is designed for simple mounting onto an internal wall, usually in the kitchen and close to the drainage waste pipe.  It is a simple connection process that involves cold water and electricity in and drain access out.

The one factor that is a priority is that dosing should occur close enough to the first sink or drainage discharge point so that grease cannot solidify in pipe work upstream. Also, a custom made bracket is supplied that is fitted to the wall to simplify installation.

For installation, Grease Guzzler requires a single phase 5 amp electrical supply, a cold water supply and a clear discharge point into the drain. Also as previously mentioned, it needs a small space to be internally mounted to the wall. Grease Guzzler can be installed in several establishments including fast food restaurants, pubs, restaurants, hotels, leisure and health centres, cafes, MOD sites, food processing plants, in-house catering facilities and schools, colleges and universities.

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